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If you're finding it hard to increase sales...

Learn how to sell to your prospects successfully — 

with less effort, time and money.

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Do you waste a lot of time and energy with prospects who don’t end up buying?

You've probably spent a great deal of time becoming an expert in your work — but your prospects don't understand it like you do. That's why it's critical to have a precise, compelling message created specifically for those who are most likely to buy from you. 


You need to know the words that will convince your ideal prospects why they should do business with you — rather than your competitors. A brand strategy is the proven roadmap — and that's why the top corporations use them to gain market share.

What​ every business owner needs
           to sell effectively 

It's essential to know how to identify your ideal clients and craft a message that makes them want to purchase from you. Brand2Sell is a streamlined online course that teaches you this.


You will be guided — step by step — to define your ideal prospect, perfect your offer, and deliver a message that clearly explains the most important benefit you offer and why it matters to them. 

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5 short, power-packed branding modules

Condensing 30 years of experience increasing sales for large and small companies into this concise course, award-winning Copywriter, Faith Kinslow, teaches you branding principles essential to successfully sell your service or product. 

You can watch all the videos in less than two hours. Each module contains two short videos that provide branding insights you can immediately put to use to sell more effectively. The average length of the videos is just 10 minutes. 


Move at your own pace and finish the course quickly! Since the videos are short, you can easily watch a module during lunch, breakfast — even coffee breaks!


Module 1:  BRAND STRATEGY, 16 minutes 

The Strategy for Maximizing Sales


Module 2:  FEATURES AND BENEFITS, 18 minutes 

Converting Prospects to Clients


Module 3:  UNIQUE SELLING PROPOSITION, 24 minutes 

How to Stand Out


Module 4:  ATTRACT YOUR TRUE PROSPECTS, 27 minutes  

Prospecting for Gold


Module 5: CREATING YOUR MESSAGE, 20 minutes

The Words that Convert Prospects to Clients

Your roadmap to maximized sales
with step-by-step guidance.

In addition to videos, Brand2Sell includes Guides and Frameworks that help you pinpoint your key branding factors.

Carefully-crafted, this proven system provides a clear path to developing a persuasive message so prospects know exactly why they should do business with you.

You'll learn how to determine your most meaningful benefit, a unique attribute that differentiates you, and your ideal prospect.


With a very small investment of time, your business will reap invaluable benefits. When you consider the countless hours you'll save by selling more efficiently for years to come, the value of learning these principles as soon as possible is clear.


Imagine what it would be like...


... to find prospects who are happy to meet with you.

... to connect with prospects so easily that it doesn't feel like a sales meeting, but you still close the deal.


... to get commitments more quickly and easily.

... to no longer feel sales is the incredible struggle it is now.


      A brand strategy that delivers a clear, compelling message to your ideal prospects will maximize your sales.

Why all business owners need this branding knowledge

Hi, I’m Faith Kinslow, and I've helped very large and small companies develop sales-boosting branding, concepts, copy and content across all marketing platforms.

I've spoken with many business owners who wasted a lot of money on websites, SEO and other marketing initiatives. I quickly realized the reason — they didn’t have a brand strategy.

Most businesses can’t afford the many thousands of dollars it costs to have one developed. That’s why I created this course. If you want to stop wasting money and time, this course provides the solution.


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During my career at advertising agencies and corporations, I helped a wide range of companies increase sales by 33 to 50%.  I also won awards, and my work was written about in publications including Advertising Age, AdWeek and Marketing and Media Decisions


When I gave presentations to business owners about branding, they didn't want me to leave the stage. I realized that they wanted and needed more than a one-hour talk. They need to be armed with a thoughtful approach to this information, and very specific how-to guidance. 


I created this course to help business owners like you. I sincerely hope you'll take advantage of this opportunity to learn how to maximize your sales. Those who have taken it tell me that it has been extremely helpful.

Brand2Sell contains the crucial information you need to maximize your sales. You will learn:

• Who your ideal prospects are

• The benefit that's most important to your prospects

• What makes you different/better than your competitors

• The exact words to persuade your prospects to purchase


What professionals say about Brand2Sell...                  

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"I was privileged to meet Faith through our networking group, A's Net, and delighted to engage with Faith's incredible branding strategy program, Brand2Sell. Through this program, Faith generously shares her distilled wisdom honed during many years of successfully working with big brands and big marketing budgets. The knowledge about branding that she imparts in her crystal clear, no-nonsense style is priceless for small business owners, entrepreneurs and professional practitioners. The ways in which she delivers it — ways that recognize our various learning styles — gives the material and the program added punch. If you want to grow your business, you can't beat this branding strategy course as a great place to start. Thank you, Faith!" 

Lauren Logan, Executive and Business Coach | Fundraising and Development Executive

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“WOW! After listening to Faith Kinslow’s program, Brand2Sell, I feel like I have a degree in brand strategy and marketing. The depth of Faith’s knowledge is in the details; worksheets and videos help to draw a step by step plan for your business. Thank you.” Deborah Farkash, Owner, Living Well Inside and Outside


"This course was so much fun and extremely informative. Although I have taken marketing courses before, Brand2Sell is one of the best because of its simple, direct and easy to use formula. You've provided many new ideas on how I can do this. I just love the simplicity, clear explanations you give, and detailed work you put into this. You really invested a lot of time, expertise and energy into this. Having short modules is so important since we all have so much on our plate. This course was extremely helpful." Monica Bennett, Certified Life Coach, Positive Mind LLC 


"Let me start by saying I am wowed by the content. You clearly jumped in with both feet and really nailed the content. I listened and watched intently and although branding is something that is always a part of the work that I do, I was able to see how your program would be extremely important for anyone who is unclear about how to get started and can serve as a good refresher as well. Great stuff and very organized and wonderful for those who have not examined their branding, marketing and sales efforts before." 

Adrian Miller, Business Growth Architect, Adrian Miller Sales Training 


"I'm impressed with this powerful brand strategy course. Each module is presented in such a simple and direct manner that I was fully immersed. The graphics and helpful downloadable materials consistently supported the messages conveyed in the modules. I recommend it for everyone looking for a crash course in marketing and branding.” 

Seth Greenwald, Speaker/Writer, Creative Warrior Secrets

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“The Brand2Sell video course is a valuable resource for small business owners to learn how to grow their business. It walks you through the process, step by step. It's a valuable roadmap—easy to follow and filled with realistic examples and tips to help you understand the basic concepts. If you apply the information to your business, you’ll successfully take charge of creating your marketing plan that leads to clients. I highly recommend taking this course if you own a business or you sell a product or service.” Robbi Muir, Creative Director/Muir Design Inc.


"I have worked in advertising for close to 30 years, and was responsible for developing strategies for various clients and their brands. So I can attest to the importance of understanding strategies, benefits versus tactics, USPs, and so on. What Faith Kinslow is providing is an excellent foundation for those who need help in sorting through the mysteries of marketing 101. Her videos provide a step by step framework of developing a strategic marketing plan, which is key to any business, large or small." Joan Lemler, Former Business Director, J. Walter Thompson Worldwide

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"I just finished Brand2Sell. It's great! Before I entered the world of Real Estate I spent 21 years in the marketing and media industries. And I still learned a ton from your course! Almost everything you cover are things that ought to have been ingrained in someone who sold advertising for 21 years; but I still learned new things, and was excellently refreshed on some of the things you covered, like benefits versus features, the Unique Sales Proposition, and also creating a branding message.  I can only imagine the value that this course will bring to business people who need to know the things you cover and have not had the opportunity to learn about it like the way you teach it." Jeff Goodman, Award-winning Real Estate Agent, Halstead Properties

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"You do a fantastic job hitting on key points too few people realize are fundamental to business strategies: competitive advantage (or unique selling proposition as you refer to it), the importance of niche marketing and audience definition (both in your deep dive on prospect demo vs psychographics AND feature vs benefit differentiation), and your acknowledgement of our sometimes irrational logical vs emotional decision-making as humans. This course covers this essential spectrum to ensure folks are thinking about their businesses in a more nuanced fashion and aren’t going to waste money in the wrong market segments." 

Thomas K., Marketing Director, American Express

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"I have just completed Faith's online course on Branding. It proved to be very helpful in harnessing my skills so that I may make a meaningful presentation. I found the course to be extremely user friendly as it also helped enable me to achieve more clarity and focus. I also found Faith to be very passionate and supportive. I highly recommend her and her program!"  

Bill Solz, Stress Reduction Therapist for Trauma, Grief, & Relapse 

If you’ve tried other courses and haven't gotten the results that were promised... I understand how that can shatter your trust. 

There are many people who offer online courses who don't have the expertise to teach — but are excellent at selling.


I am the opposite. I'm not, and have never been, a sales person. However, my branding and copywriting expertise is proven.


The reason I created this course was to solve the problems of business owners who came to me for help. You can learn more about me, my career and read recommendations about me on LinkedIn.

Limited Time Offer!

        Sign Up Now and Lock In This Price 

Before I created this course, companies had to pay an advertising agency many thousands of dollars to develop a brand strategy. Now, you can get professional guidance to create one — quickly and painlessly

at a much lower cost — and with the valuable benefit of truly understanding how to brand your business, now and in the future. 


Brand2Sell teaches you how to sell to your ideal prospects — those who are willing and able to purchase your products and services. It's made a positive difference for many business owners. I firmly believe that it will be a tremendous help to you, too.


The price? For a limited time, you can take advantage of a special promotion. Instead of paying the regular price of $997, $500 will be taken off — a full 50%. So, your price will be slashed to only $497Just type this coupon code on the payment page to get $500 off: brandingsells


The value of this course is much more than even the regular price, but I want to make this critical information available to all business owners. Without this branding knowledge, you will waste so much time, money and effort attempting to make sales. And, like some business owners, waste a lot of money on "solutions" that won't solve the real problem. 


This special offer is a very small investment that will pay for itself many times over — year after year. 

If want to eliminate time and money-wasting efforts and gain the critical insights you need for your business to thrive, now is the best time to act. 


I hope you register now and say, "Yes", to learn how to sell successfully. Just click the button below. I look forward to helping you.

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