Tap into the power of a business'
most important sales and marketing tool.

Brand2Sell Your roadmap to maximized sales 
with step-by-step guidance.

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Premium Live Course 

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Boost your sales with business’
most important, proven sales and marketing tool—

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The Brand2Sell Premium Live Course teaches you... 

✔️  How to market and sell your product or service successfully, efficiently and painlessly

✔️  The benefit you offer that your prospects want and will pay for

✔️  How to persuade prospects to choose you instead of your competitors

You get:

1. 5 power-packed branding video modules... 

                  Module 1:  BRAND STRATEGY, 16 minutes 

                     The Strategy for Maximizing Sales


                   Module 2:  FEATURES AND BENEFITS, 18 minutes 

                       Converting Prospects to Clients


                   Module 3:  UNIQUE SELLING PROPOSITION, 24 minutes 

                       How to Stand Out


                   Module 4:  ATTRACT YOUR TRUE PROSPECTS, 27 minutes  

                       Prospecting for Gold


                  Module 5: CREATING YOUR MESSAGE, 20 minutes

                     The Words that Convert Prospects to Clients

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2. Guides...There are Guides that summarize how to think about and answer questions about your business. They assist you in filling out the Frameworks. 

3. Frameworks...After you watch the videos in Modules 2, 3, 4 and 5, you are asked to answer a few questions about your product or service. Those answers will become part of your business' brand strategy and will help create a compelling sales message.

4. Bonus: 3 Live Zoom Classes...After you watch and complete the Frameworks in Modules 2,3 and 5, you can attend a Zoom class where you can ask questions and your Frameworks can be reviewed. 

5. Bonus: 1 Live Marketing Mastermind Zoom Class...After Module 5 has been completed, you will be invited to a Marketing Mastermind Class where you can ask your pressing marketing questions and get professional feedback. 

Get the proven roadmap to maximized sales...
and for the first time, get LIVE guidance! 

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